October 16

6 - 8:30 pm

Good Food for All:
Exploring how the right to food can shape our policies and organizations

Please join us on October 16, World Food Day to hear ideas and participate in a discussion of how we can work together towards a transition to a food system based on the right to food. Presentations and dicsussion will focus on how public policy and community-based food organizations can contribute to a more just and sustainable food system. Hosted by the Vancouver Food Policy Council.


Register at http://good-food-for-all.eventbrite.ca


"The New Veg in Town" by the DTES Kitchen Tables Project Outreach Team

Presentations from Thought Leaders
Nick Saul, Community Food Centres of Canada
Aart Schuurman-Hess, Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society
Doris Chow, DTES Kitchen Tables Project and Anna Cavouras, DTES Neighbourhood House
Victoria Bull and Fraser Stuart, Raise the Rates Campaign
Towards Change: Breakout Groups and Discussion

*** In keeping that October 16 is also the first day of the Welfare Food Challenge, an event to highlight the inadequacy of welfare rates in BC, some very simple food (Ingredients donated by Chocies Markets and prepared by Potluck Cafe) will be served. ***

Art for Thought Exhibit

(From October 16 - 22)

Roundhouse Community Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver

A Bright Green Future. What does this really mean for Vancouverites? How do we interpret words like ’sustainability’ and terms like ’environmental footprint’ or ’eating locally’ and then move into action? How do we make positive choices even if they may feel insignificant within the grandeur of saving the planet? Explore our Art 4 Thought exhibit at the Roundhouse and let us know what you think. Are changes realistic? Challenging? Do you have ideas about A Bright Green Future? We want to hear from you!

The World In A Garden Rainbarrels

The World In A Garden and LUSH have teamed up with Emily Carr University of Art & Design and Flexahopper Plastics to entertain, engage and educate citizens about water conservation and rain-water harvesting. Inspired by blue, these rainbarrel are not only a treat for our water system and our gardens, but our eyes as well. These rain barrels are for sale and sales will be donated back to The World In A Garden, a multicultural urban farm & garden project that educates community & youth about the nutritional, cultural and environmental aspects of growing and eating food.

Bert Monterona Tapestries & Paintings

Bert is a Filipino visual artist living in Vancouver, Canada. A compleat artist -an educator and cultural worker. My works of art is a process of examining the future and rediscovering the past to build the present, to envisage complex challenges in order to link between different culture, places, times and events. I believe that art as a ritual has a healing capacity and the artist as a healer will give valuable contributions to balance the mind for a meaningful future.

Project CHEF Children’s Art

What is more inspiring for A Bright Green Future than children’s art? Students from eight elementary schools will have their art on display. These pieces have been inspired by Project CHEF’s work in Vancouver schools and will allow you to see, from a child’s perspective, what they think about food, farming, cooking, and eating.

2nd Annual World Indigenous Day

On October 13, the Roundhouse and Canadian Foundation for Creative Development and Innovation welcome the Maya community from Guatemala, the Montagnard Gong Society from the highlands of Vietnam, Burma & Cambodia, and Adunu Habobo cultural group from Ghana. The event will also feature locally sourced food to nourish attendees. Local artisans and First Nations artists will showcase their exquisite crafts.

Tannis Hopkins, Fine Artist

Tannis is happy to take part in the Sustenance Festival once again. She is a fine artist who combines two passions, painting and global food culture. Tannis studied Fine Art at college and university in Montreal and Toronto and has worked as an art director/designer for years. "My family has always been very ’food-centric’." Tannis tells us, "My Mother was a wonderful cook, adventurous for her generation and she loved to throw dinner parties. I followed in her footsteps and found myself cooking and exploring different world cuisines as a creative outlet. Whenever I travel, food and local markets are a big draw - there is such tradition and beauty in the gastronomic world. A few years ago I had an epiphany - that I could combine my two passions. Through my work, I hope to help people recognize and appreciate how much food is part of our love of life, and how it defines our cultures and brings us together. From exotic markets to local farmers’ stalls, iconic dishes to sweet delights. I want to touch kindred spirits, and celebrate this fundamental, diverse and joyous part of our lives."

Vancouver Farmers Market Society Photographs

Put a face to your food. On October 20th during RIPE, the Vancouver Farmers Markets will present a rotating slide show of photographs featuring an inside look at farmers, and food...and ...what could be more appetizing?